My name is Chukwuma Eziashi. Chukwuma is an Ibo name that means God knows. For the sake of my fellow Ibo brothers, Eziashi is not what you think it means (haha). It’s actually a Delta-Ibo name, pronounced EZI-ESHI which means GOOD LUCK.

I’m an IT professional with interests in Server Management, Network Administration and IT Security. Beyond those, I’m also very passionate about Administration and Management in general.

This blog is product of an idea by a very good friend and former classmate, Victor Umakhihe (ZMATZ COMPANY) who said to me “You are a great reader, also makes you a wonderful writer, as a Steel Genius, it also means, there's a lot inside of you that can help people around you than you or they actually realize, that makes you a great counsellor too. I am simply proposing you have a blog that carries all these. Start building your audience with your unique content, build a life around that part of you. It can reach someone you don't even know. Seriously, you really need to start building an audience for all your knowledge and experiences and there's no better time to start than now.”

The decision to start this blog wasn’t a difficult one because over time before hearing from my friend, I had thought of writing something, a book, a pamphlet, just something that others can read. There are days I’ll spend time just soliloquizing on the things I’ve learnt or observed from my daily life. And over time, I’ve pondered on how I can be a blessing to more people in my own little way. No doubt, my hands seem full because I have a regular job I do that gulps more than 50 hours of my time a week. I add value there but I’ve always desired and believed God for an opportunity to affect more lives and this blog is an answer to it.

I love God, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe God is the foundation of life. The things you’ll read from me here are inspired by the wisdom of God but this is not another preaching site, there are many out there but this is not one. However, if you want a practical message of hope, right-living, responsibility, common-sense, attitudinal change, personal improvement and lessons from real life experiences and observations, then you’ve come to the right place.
I'm not working alone, I have Victor Umakhihe as website manager. Victor is a professional web developer and IT trainer. I'm privileged and blessed to have him in my team and we hope to do great things together.

The Tech Side of this blog is where we (Victor and I) get to share some tips and some of our day-to-day experiences as IT service providers and tech users.

Welcome to eziashi.com. Smile, Explore, Be better!