[SPECIAL FEATURE]: My Journey into Broadcasting

June 30, 2017
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September 11, 2017

[SPECIAL FEATURE]: My Journey into Broadcasting

I am Ifeoma Melody Ajumobi aka Ify Melody your #SparklingWomanOnRadio. I am easy going, fun to be with, but quite strict; of course you don’t treat life with kid gloves.

I am from Anambra State…

I have a natural, strong flair and passion for media. It took me a while to harness this talent and follow my passion but I knew that the media is a force I can’t disconnect from at an early age. Growing up, I was addicted to TV and later on radio came into the picture too. I was eager to be a voice people could listen to and I had to start from somewhere.

At a very early age (childhood) I engaged in public speaking; both in church and in school. I was always nominated to represent my group. I tilted towards the debating society a lot in those days. Looking back to those moments, I smile and marvel at the power of purpose and destiny. It’s interesting.

Even though I knew of this flair for media quite early I ended up studying microbiology, because there’s this trend or belief that every intelligent child should be a doctor or lawyer. My parents would not have supported me if I whispered the word mass communication or theatre arts as a course to study in school. I was also not very sure of myself at that time. I was still going through a process of self discovery. My zeal for the media or creative arts didn’t drip away, not even a drop of it.

In University, Ebonyi State University (EBSU), I was always anchoring events (mostly fellowship events) as the MC. I was really good at it, and people enjoyed it. I did a lot of singing too. I anchored Rotary events few times but was not really out there at general departmental or faculty events, so I was really surprised when during graduation l got the award as the best voice in my faculty. That overwhelmed me and meant a lot to me. It was a wake-up call for me to key into my passion with full force.

During NYSC I made sure I got posted to Port Harcourt, so I could hook up with an uncle, Nwaobi Orakwue who is a media guru. I was favored by God and I got what I wanted. I found out his story was also similar to mine. He read Urban and regional planning but through the help of Pete Edochie he discovered his gift in broadcasting. Working with my uncle was amazing; he gave me my first media exposure. I had the opportunity to visit amazing radio houses and Studios [Rhythm FM, Family Love FM, Treasure FM and some others] for the first time. It was a thrilling and educative time. I learnt how to produce jingles and documentaries, how to be creative, exceptional and excellent-minded. We produced a lot of documentaries for topnotch organizations such as SPDC, Mobil, Agip , FRSC just to mention a few. I didn’t stop there; I understood the importance of self development and went for personal media trainings in Port Harcourt which exposed me further.

Worthy of note is that before my Port Harcourt experience, Cosmo FM inspired and moved me to the edge of my imagination. I was greatly inspired by their presenters Wanita and my good friend Zoe, who was also an outstanding singer. I even aspired to work there at that time, but I didn’t have the guts to apply (self confidence issues) and being a presenter was all I dreamt of, most especially TV. There has always been a very strong pull in this area , I made a decision to answer that call fully and gave it my all and that’s why I am where I am today; an OAP with Solid FM. Solid FM wasn’t my first shot, so when the opportunity came I didn’t take it for granted. I joined the station as a stringer, but today it’s a different ball game.

Radio has given me an opportunity to be an inspiration to many. I didn’t realize how much impact I could make until I started handling my own shows on Solid FM. I could inform and educate the masses simultaneously and it’s really a dream come true.

When you broadcast you achieve that with thousands of people if not millions all at once. It’s a powerful tool for communication. It doesn’t only connect you to people; it exposes you to the world and widens your horizon. In a world where it’s difficult to find a comfort zone, I and my passion met each other half way. I love my job!

Besides Public speaking, I have a wide range of interest. I love music, writing, dancing, tourism (travelling to see new places and people), photography (my second passion) though not sure between it and music which one is stronger. I also love teaching, reading and learning new things.

One other thing I enjoy doing is working with humble people and those who are passionate about what they do. Those who are always willing to learn and impact what they know on others. These sets of people inspire me so much.

I love fashion and have a flair for it too.

Wow! How can I fail to mention the fact that I really love movies and I can also act? Oh yeah, I did drama once in school and I wouldn’t mind acting a movie now.

I love selling good stuff and I’m a really good marketer. As a marketer, I get motivated to market when I see a very good product that needs visibility, especially when it is what people need. I have sold phones, recharge cards, perfumes, clothes and other things. It started in school and continued afterwards. I still market and sell local rice while I connect people to Solid FM for advertisement/publicity.

I also publicize ‘Mel Media’; my personal media company that does voice over, jingle productions, documentaries, video adverts, event managements and more.

I believe I am a work in process, and I have so much to offer. This is actually not the end of my story, but the beginning!

On a final note, everyone has been created for a purpose. It is very important you discover what that is and align yourself with it. Life is more meaningful and beautiful that way. The period of self discovery happens for different people at different times and ages, just keep following your heart and instincts and do your best in whatever you find yourself in, trust God and never give up on life.. Keep hope alive always. Choose to love, choose to help, choose to serve and share always. Humility is a sure and fast way to the top and remaining there. Smart hard work is key and very vital to success. You always have a choice on how you want to live your life, choose carefully and choose right if you want to leave long lasting positive impact.

Ify Melody can be reached me on
Twitter: @melmedia2013
Instagram: @ifymelody1
Facebook: Ify Melody Ajumobi
YouTube: Melmedia.Tv
LinkedIn: Ifeoma Ajumobi


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    I needed diz.. Tnkx slot.

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  3. Enuma says:

    Wonderful Ify. Happy for you.

  4. Ifeoma says:

    Thank you so much.. Chukwuma and everyone

  5. Aneta Felix says:

    This is an inspiring piece. I’m glad you worked on your confidence. Thank you for sharing, Ify.

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