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April 30, 2017
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July 20, 2017

I recently started asking the question, “What happens at half time during games?”. A friend of mine who’s into professional sports said simply “Pep talk”, which is intended to make the players feel more courageous or enthusiastic.

Greg Gordon, who works as a football scout for a professional club in Scotland answered on quora.com saying “Generally there’s a lot of activity. Running repairs on players injuries and equipment. The manager or assistant will deliver individual and team instructions for the second half and appropriate criticism and encouragement. The players will take some drinks on board too. Some might change strips depending on the conditions and the level they are playing at and their kit allocation for the season. The manager will also potentially prepare substitutes and those being replaced if there are changes to be made at the start of the second half.”

Another guy, Rob Reinert, also on Quora said, “There is quite a lot going on. Usually recovery for players on the field, in form of relaxing and drinking. Also, the coach uses this time to explain strategies and changes. The players who are sitting on the bench use the time to warm up and also get ready to play if needed. The physical therapists treat injured players and other trainers take care of the equipment.”

And finally, Gary Curneen in his article Half-Time Team Talk had this to say, “Half-time in a game can be the most vital 15 minutes for a coach on game day. They can focus on strengths, praise certain aspects, re-set standards, identify areas that need improving, or even change tactics completely. The phrase, “a game of two halves”, has become famous in the world of soccer and for good reason. How many times have we seen teams come out of the tunnel for the second half, armed with new information and mindset, and turn the game around?”

Ok, enough of quotes about half-time, and before you quit reading thinking I’m here to discuss football or any game for that matter, let me tell you what I’m driving at, even though I’m pretty sure you may have figured by now. 2017 is at Half Time today! Good enough it’s a Friday so let’s assume the weekend is the 15 minutes break in football half-time. What should we do with this precious 15 minutes just before the second half kicks off? I’ve been reminiscing on this the whole week and so I’m here to invite you to join me in this half-time ritual.

What did you set out to do at the beginning of the year? How many goals did you plan to score? How many did you score in the first half? Was there a plan? Has the plan worked so far? Did you write down your plans on paper? Can you find the paper or notebook? At this time, no people who don’t know Lucky Joker slots online casino and online slots from the 1win casino provider that are currently popular. Did you play according to the plan? Have you veered off completely off course even to the point of scoring an own-goal? Sorry for the barrage of questions but remember, this is our half-time and if we don’t ask the right questions, we will likely not get the right answers. As Shannon L. Alder said “Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”

After one of my Aunties passed on late last year, I said I’ll be calling my Aunties at least once a month, I did that last in March. I’ve not read the number of books I planned to read each month neither am I up-to-date with the number of audio messages I planned to listen to per week. I also wanted to marry this year but I’m still unmarried and the engagement ring is currently with me, don’t ask me why (laughs). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an expert in failure and there are things I achieved in the first half that astounded me but my goal here is simply an honest assessment of myself. It’s an old cliché that one cannot lie to oneself. An honest assessment is not a recourse to depressive thoughts or self-pity. It is a willingness to reassess, reevaluate and reinvent yourself. It is a determination to step out into the field prepared to give your best possible, to achieve results where you failed before, to achieve excellence where you were average and to provide solutions where you encountered problems.

So, my dear, get rest if you feel burnt out, replenish your energy, go see a movie if it helps. Give yourself an honest assessment. Review your tactics and change them if need be. You are the manager and coach of your life first and foremost so do what King David did, encourage yourself. You can change a player and by player, I mean a friend who is drawing you away from your goals or exudes a lot of negative energy. Trust me, you can do with less negativity in your life.

All of the above will not guarantee you’ll achieve all your results but if you do these things, you will walk out of the pitch with your head held high knowing you gave the match your best. What you will become taking these actions is more important than the results you’ll achieve externally. See you at full time.

Photo credit: Gary Curneen


  1. Annie says:

    Nice one and true too. Even though am not a football fan, I think what I like most is changing player in relation to real life situations, though its not that easy.

  2. Obinna says:

    Why didn’t you propose?

  3. Ogbodo grace Ifeoma says:

    Yes I need less negativity in my life rit now, nice one ?at first I was thought it was all about football, thanks alot.

    • Chukwuma says:

      Hahahaha. That was the idea, get you to think it’s football before passing the message across. Thanks for reading dear.

  4. kellykelz says:

    I locked myself up once to think, people thought I was having issues, but that was my halftime. This is so true. Time to filter. Nice piece.

    • Chukwuma says:

      You are very right dear, even in most sports half-time activities take place in the locker room not in public view.

  5. Chuka Davids says:

    These are words to truly live…Thanks Sir

  6. Muchy says:

    Nice one darling.

  7. Emmzy says:

    That is a great one sir! Never thought about it though.

  8. Oghalesmiles says:

    Nice one dear, thanks for sharing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A good call for reassessment. Timely!

  10. Kingsley Kinsu Oko says:

    Great piece sir!!! I was intrigued by the idea of “own goal” too…

    • Chukwuma says:

      Lol. I still have more thoughts on “own goal”. By God’s grace I’ll share some time later. Thanks a lot for reading Kinsu. God bless you.

  11. Nkem says:

    I’m off to watch a movie then… hehehehe
    God strengthen you sir

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