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April 6, 2017
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April 30, 2017

Just this evening a friend of mine informed me that a mutual friend of ours was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks back. Our friend sustained severe injuries that will require skin-grafting. I was shocked that such a terrible accident could happen within the city. So without further delay, I quickly dialled our friend to know how she was recovering. I was happy to learn that she was doing quite well though awaiting the skin-grafting operation. I was also very grateful to God that she and the other people involved in the accident did not sustain any broken bone.

So out of sheer curiosity, I asked her what really happened and she narrated the whole story. I won’t bother you with the entire story, the long and short of it was that the vehicle summersaulted several times before landing inside a gutter in the middle of the road. She however said something very interesting, “People got to the scene of the incident and were taking pictures and passing comments”. Her statement reminded me of the picture above. The first time I saw it about a year or two ago, I said, “Na wa o, is that where the world is going to now?” Little did I know that someone close to me will one day be a victim of “PEOPLE NOWADAYS”.

Someone recently quipped that we live in the most documented generation of our time. People nowadays have pictures of everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. Just this evening, a friend wanted to buy a phone and I realized that she kept emphasizing the spec of the camera she wanted in the phone. She didn’t mention ROM, RAM or processor. All her concern was the megapixel of the front and back camera. Why? She has to snap her life. We have all become photographers. Camera is no longer an indispensable feature in a phone. I snap too, I have plenty selfies and I like to capture memorable life events and unique stuff but like I’ll always say, common sense requires you know where to draw the line. Common sense behooves on us moderation.

Someone drowning does not need his or her pictures taken, they need help. People involved in car crash need to be taken to the hospital immediately. People in a dispute or fight need settlement, or if the fight is too fierce, call the Police or Civil Defense. A house on fire needs people in it to be rescued. Trust me we’ve seen pictures of burning houses before and we aren’t craving for more. I know we all want to be the first to share and bad news is trendy but let’s get our priorities right. It is life first. Back to the story of my friend who was involved in an accident, a certain young man (all by himself), got the victims out of the vehicle while others stood by, drove them to the hospital and waited for their relatives to show up before leaving. I’m sure he doesn’t have the pictures of the accident scene on his phone but he was the hero, the brave one, and the angel.

Let me ask you a question, which is better, to have a tragic and horrific picture of someone you could have saved or to save the person and snap with him or her later?

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  1. Nkem says:

    Very true…the one that annoys me is people taking pictures of a horrific accident scene and posting on social media. I wonder if they’d like finding out that their loved one had died by seeing their pictures online…

    • Chukwuma Eziashi says:

      My dear it makes me wonder, “What kind of conscience do people have to be able to cover horrific events and do nothing?”

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