Abeg Off That Thing Make We Cram!!!
April 6, 2017
The Lack of Me…
April 6, 2017

That education in Nigeria is static and backward
Is no news nor an item for the notice board
That most Nigerian graduates are unemployable
Has almost become a national symbol
Many graduates possess a certificate bearing “two one”
But in their medulla it’s actually “no one”

The Nigerian student is quick to blame the government
Some blame the white for bringing colonial enslavement
Others even say it’s the fault of our ancestors
However, in this menace, we all are contributors
And that implies we all can make a change
If we take responsibility and rise up to the challenge

This is a clarion call to you, the Nigerian student
Asking you to wake up and be a change agent
Don’t just study to pass exams and earn a certificate
Study to develop competence and become consummate
Desist from vices that war against productive education
Always bearing in mind your actions make or mar the nation

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